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Labbra moderne: la mia tecnica personale per una beautification delle labbra sicura ed efficace

Introduction: Lip filler is an increasingly demanded aesthetic medicine treatment, also due to the strong influence of social media. Lips previously treated with fillers often deviate from the idea of a satisfactory result that the injector doctor has. It is therefore necessary to find the right balance to perform a safe, effective treatment with natural and harmonious results. Objective: The author presents his personal technique for performing a beutification of the lips, emphasizing the importance of performing the right patient assessment, choosing the right products and knowing the risk areas to achieve satisfactory and harmonious results without sacrificing the safety of the treatment. Materials and methods: Two resilient hyaluronic acid fillers were used, individually or combined, both characterized by a HA concentration of 23 mg/ml and a degree of modification (MoD) of 3.6% and 3.1%. An injection technique was used that combines the vertical and horizontal technique, for the vermilion volumization and the lips contour redefinition. The studies were done using a 3D technology for the evaluation of volumes 6 months after treatment. Results: The use of hyaluronidase for the reduction of hyaluronic acid migrations and dynamic fillers are essential to be able to obtain natural lips. After the retouch, It has been possible to obtain extremely satisfactory and natural results, with a high degree of patient satisfaction and a duration of results that often exceeds 12 months. Conclusions: The personalization of the treatment, the knowledge of different injection techniques and of the dangerous areas, the use of the right products are all important factors to obtain natural lips with the lips filler. Bibliography: - Walker, L., &amp; Cetto, R. (2021). Lip augmentation using hyaluronic acid filler and a 4-mm needle: A safer, more natural, and predictable approach. The Journal of clinical and aesthetic dermatology, 14(1), E61. - Cotofana, S., Pretterklieber, B., Lucius, R., Frank, K., Haas, M., Schenck, T. L., ... &amp; Pretterklieber, M. (2017). Distribution pattern of the superior and inferior labial arteries: impact for safe upper and lower lip augmentation procedures. Plastic and reconstructive surgery, 139(5), 1075-1082. - Ghasemi, S., &amp; Akbari, Z. (2022). Lip Augmentation. Dental Clinics, 66(3), 431-442. - Ghannam, S., Sattler, S., Frank, K., Freytag, D. L., Webb, K. L., Devineni, A., &amp; Cotofana, S. (2019). Treating the lips and its anatomical correlate in respect to vascular compromise. Facial Plastic Surgery, 35(02), 193-203. - Flégeau, K., Jing, J., Brusini, R., Gallet, M., Moreno, C., Walker, L., ... &amp; Faivre, J. (2023). Multidose Hyaluronidase Administration as an Optimal Procedure to Degrade Resilient Hyaluronic Acid Soft Tissue Fillers. Molecules, 28(3), 1003.

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