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Terapia Rigenerativa Autologa in Medicina Estetica: valutazione su 2365 casi

The ageing process starts in the center of the face, in the periocular region and around the mouth, with a combination of volume loss and tissue descent, wrinkles deepen and loss of skin structure and quality. Injection of autologous adipose-derived stem cells (ADSCs) and a stromal vascular fraction (VSF) into dermal and subdermal layers promises regenerative advantages by improving skin volume and rejuvenation. Superficial enhanced fluid fat injection (SEFFI) in the facial area was proved to be effective to correct both volume loss and skin aging. In this study, we present data retrospectively collected by 10 physicians who successfully carried out more than 2300 Autologous Regenerative Therapy (ART) procedures between 2019 and 2021. The treatments consisted in the use of guided SEFFI alone or in combination with other aesthetic medical procedures such as hyaluronic acid filler, suspension threads, synthetic calcium hydroxylapatite, botulin toxin, microneedling. The guided SEFFI procedure was performed as a single procedure in more than 60% of the cases, and involved all the face areas. About one-tenth of patients had the fat graft combined with the botulin toxin treatment or hyaluronic acid filling; less patients underwent the other combined procedures. The rate of complications was very low: only ecchymosis was the most common complication occurring both in the donor site and injection site (14.2% and 38.6%, respectively). Hematoma also rarely occurred in both donor (1.3%) and injection (0.8) sites. This study proved that guided SEFFI technique is a minimally invasive procedure with a very low rate of complications, and that can be a promising antiaging medical treatment that combines effectiveness, safety, and simplicity.

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