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rimodellamento del terzo inferiore con I fili di trazione in acido Polilattico, policaprolattone e acido ialuronico in combinazione con filler mento e il solco pre-jowl

Introduction Mandible in younger age gives pleasing contour of the lower face plumpness and continuity of the inferior mandibular border. Ageing process brings to the Atrophy of the superior and inferior mandibular fat compartments occurs with ageing process. Moreover, mandibular septum dehiscence causes the superior and inferior fat compartments to move down. Due to ageing process, the platysma glides again mandible and the overlying subcutaneous jowl fat compartment glides inferiorly and causes the appearance of jowls. Bone Involutional and soft tissue ageing processes create interruption of the smooth lower facial contours and cause the appearance of depressions, bulges, and lumps. Facial fat compartments anatomical knowledge allows to choose a proper fat compartment treatment target in order to achieve the desired effect. Treating wrong compartments might bring to an aesthetically undesirable result. Objectives Objective of this study was evaluating patients face goals remodeling, with not-surgical approach. Methods 10 European patients underwent PLACLHA, 19 cm threads. All the patients have been pre-treated with botulinum toxin 2-3 weeks before the treatment. According to the protocol 5 threads per side were inserted under local anesthesia with lidocaine and epinephrine 1:100.000. 5 of the treated patients were injected with 1,2 ml to 3,6 ml of HA filler in the prejowl sulcus and chin area. Tissue repositioning has been evaluated by medical photography before and after treatment, at 2, 4, 24 weeks and 12 months follow-ups. Results 90% of patients were highly satisfied with the results. 2 patients required additional procedure in 3 months. Therefore, malar and chin areas volume augmentation, tear trough treatment with hyaluronic acid filler has been performed. Average remodeling effects were noticed to last up to 12-18 months. Conclusions PLACLHA thread lifting face remodeling delivers satisfying long lasting results up to one year and short down-time. Tailor made method and vector selection is mandatory for the optimal results. However, within holistic approach, PLACLHA thread lifting combined with chin and prejowl sulcus HA filler volume restoration may result in higher patient satisfaction.

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