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Impianto automatico di capelli artificiali 4.0

The issue over alopecia affects both sexes at all ages, with sometimes significant psychological sequelae. Along with androgenetic alopecia, there are forms of alopecia which have various origin as traumatic, surgical, pharmacological and others. In 1993 the first biocompatible fiber was developed in Italy. Artificial hair are similar to natural hair, and they are available in 13 different colors, that can be washed and dried with moderate heat as normal hair, but they cannot be bleached. The fibers length ranges from between 15cm and 45 cm. Besides straight fibers, there are also wave, curly, very curly, and afro types. During the last years the high-density variant, that allows to use 3 hairs with the same graft, is also available. The new device allows to implant up to 800 artificial hair/hour reducing scalp trauma. The procedure is performed under local anesthesia and enables an immediate aesthetic result without pain, scars nor hospitalization. With this modern technique of hair restoration, we have successfully treated diffuse hair loss or hair thinning, both considered for men and for women. Conditions for success are a suitable patient with healthy scalp, a well-trained and qualified physician, having respect of implant protocols, after care applications, a correct identification, and a treatment of possible skin reactions. Nowadays automatic artificial hair implant 4.0 is a well proved surgical technique that can also be used singularly or in combination with FUE to provide the best final results.

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