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Affidabilità ecografica di un sistema ad ultrasuoni micro focalizzati intensi per il lifting non chirurgico del viso

Introduction For many years, an intense micro-focused ultrasound system with real-time ultrasound guidance has been available globally. The transducers at the basis of this technology are capable of emitting collimated ultrasound beams, for ultrasound analysis during treatment, and focused ultrasound beams to release energy within the tissues.These are the disposable transducers with an analysis depth of 8 mm. The possibility of analyzing the tissue in real-time allows the operator a precise analysis of the areas to be treated during the session. Goals The purpose of this study is to investigate the ultrasound reliability of this system by comparing the ultrasound images of the areas to be treated with a dedicated professional ultrasound with a 20 MHz probe Materials and methods 20 patients with different types of aging were enrolled, all patients were investigated in the object of treatment both with the transducer provided by the equipment and subsequently with the 20MHZ ultrasound probe. The images were compared to establish the ultrasound reliability of the disposable transducers. The color Doppler analysis with the professional probe was also deepened to compare the vascular findings present in the examined areas. Results The photographic comparison between the two methods established that although it does not have a Doppler detector, the disposable transducer of the intense micro focused ultrasound faithfully reflects the anatomy of the areas involved in the treatment Conclusions The possibility of using an ultrasound examination in the programming AND in the execution of a treatment with intense micro-focused ultrasound, represents a fundamental requirement for the treatment itself. The confirmation that this trace attached to the equipment faithfully respects the anatomy, validates the diagnostic capacity and increases the safety of this ultrasound-guided procedure, avoiding the release of energy on noble anatomical structures.

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